Arrival in Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan has opportunities for those seeking a new career in a new country as an immigrant.


The Canadian provinces listed above have programs that encourage immigrants to settle in their provinces and benefit their economies. To learn more about these provinces and their Occupations under Pressure, the Standard Immigration Group can assist you.


Processing Time: If you are already in Canada with a valid work permit, you may qualify for this program.

Skilled workers have education, work experience, and other abilities that will help them to establish themselves successfully as permanent residents in Canada. Canada values the skills, education and experiences that immigrants bring with them. Find out if you qualify for a Federal Skilled Worker with Arranged Employment.


Processing Time: THREE MONTHS

The Standard Immigration Group can help you source out the right educational programs that qualifies for a post-graduate work permit and immigration status. Learn about the International Student Program of Canada today. Some provinces nominate graduates of Masters Degrees to immigrate to Canada.

Police Clearances, Foreign Credential Assessment, Medical Inadmissibility

Each applicant needs a police clearance from their country of citizenship and from any country one has lived for at least six months.

We can assist you to have your education and work experience outside Canada evaluated to meet the new requirements of Foreign Credential Assessment for professionals and also obtain required licensing for certain professions to qualify for immigration.

Medical Inadmissibility - seek assistance early whether a medical condition you may have and any of your family members can cause a refusal of your immigration application. This will save you a lot of time and frustration.

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